Google My Maps is back and refreshed My Maps allows you to create custom maps that can be shared or embedded into webpages. This service already existed in the previous classic version of Google Maps.

Google My Maps is back and refreshed

by September 24, 2014
My Maps

My Maps allows you to create custom maps that can be shared or embedded into webpages.
This service already existed in the previous classic version of Google Maps.
However, it was removed and now appears refreshed and with new features.

In March 2013 Google launches Google Maps Engine Lite, a less robust version of Google Maps Engine directed to the business sector. At that time, Google asked My Maps users to export their maps for Maps Engine Lite platform. With this communication it was expected that My Maps service would change.

After the last major change in the layout and functionality of Google Maps, which took place earlier this year, Google removed My Maps service. It seems that this move did not achieve the desired success, perhaps because many people did not know where to look for Maps Engine Lite.
Now it announced the new version of My Maps, which is no more than a new name for the Maps Engine Lite. The name My Maps is better suited to the purpose for which it is intended and people identify better with this name.

My Maps

What’s new

As was usual, you can create a map to save the location of points of interest, driving routes, add photos and videos. Now, you can share maps in the same way we share Google documents, import locations from a spreadsheet or organize markers in layers.
This new version comes with the application My Maps for Android that allows viewing, correction or addition of maps.

Important notes to consider:

  • After the conversion of the old maps to the new version, you can no longer view the maps in the classic version.
  • Custom maps are available in the My Maps application for Android, but you can not view them in Google Maps application for Android or Google Earth for iOS application.

Start using My Maps

First you must log in your Google account.

New users just go to, select the "Create a new map" and start using the My Maps.

Those who used the previous version of My Maps, and when accessing the home page for the first time, will be asked to upgrade to the new version. This is a process that takes a few seconds and you only need to choose the "Update Now".

Update My Maps

Then a confirmation window for updating the My Maps will appear. If you are sure you want to update just choose the "Update" option.

My Maps

When the process is complete you will see the message confirming the update.

My maps

From here you can view your existing maps or add new maps.

How to access custom maps

Google must have considered that Maps Engine Lite has now reached the necessary maturity and gives the My Maps the prominence it deserves.
To access the My Maps just enter the standard Google Maps, click on the search box and then on "My Maps" that appears below the search box.

My Maps

Then you can view your existing maps using the link "Try a custom map" or start immediately with the creation of a new map using the "Create" button.

My Maps


The new My Maps in the free version is limited to 2500 points, lines or shapes. You can only use up to 5 layers to organize the markers and is limited to 2,500 daily views.

UPDATED (December 5, 2014)
From now on Google My Maps Pro is free. The above limits shall be as follows: 10 000 points, lines or shapes, 10 layers per map, and 25 000 daily views.

It is recommended the reading of the new My Maps FAQ and also the complete list of the limits of use on the table "compare the My Maps editions".

My Maps is excellent for planning the next holiday trip or to share meeting points with friends.
Small or medium-sized enterprises can use My Maps to indicate your location, embedding a map in your web site's contact page.
The ideas for new maps are almost endless and Google offers a gallery of examples for using the new My Maps.

Now it's time to start mapping ... and share!

The comments section is open to sharing links to your maps.

Miguel Marnoto

My expertise in the Google Maps JavaScript API v3 is a consequence of my enthusiasm about maps and recognition of the importance that Google Maps service has on people lives.

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